Commits staged files

await repo.commit(message[, options])

Any file staged through the add method will be committed.


The following options are accepted:

Name Description Default value
body Additional commit body (empty)
skipCi If set to true, will skip the CI build (adding [skip ci] to the body) false
skipHooks If set to true, will skip the git hooks (similar to --no-verify) false

Name and email

By default, git will attempt to read the commit author name and email from the following sources, in order of priority:

  • The local and git config
  • The GIT_USER_NAME and GIT_USER_EMAIL environment variables
  • The global and git config

If no suitable name or email is available, Gilmore will throw a GILMORE_COMMIT_AUTHOR_IDENTITY_UNKNOWN.

Other errors

  • If there are no files to be committed, a GILMORE_COMMIT_NOTHING_TO_COMMIT error will be thrown.