Some of the libraries packaged in golgoth offer additional configuration options or optional plugins. This page documents what is included by default.

Flattening objects in Lodash

The default flatten method of Lodash only flattens Arrays. Golgoth comes with a modified flatten method that also flattens Objects, and its reverse unflatten.

const data = {
  foo: {
    bar: ['baz', 'quxx'],
const flatData = _.flatten(data);;
// {
//   '': 'baz',
//   '': 'quxx'
// };
// {
//  foo: {
//    bar: ['baz', 'quxx']
//  }
// }

Easier date comparison with Day.js

All dates handled by Day.js are not in UTC by default which resulted in many lost hours wasted debugging local timezone issues. Since then, Golgoth includes the utc plugin so you can call dayjs().utc() instead of dayjs() to force UTC.

It also includes the isSameOrBefore and isSameOrAfter for quick date comparison.