The ./src/style.css file will be compiled through postCSS and made available as ./dist/style.css.

The default style.css created by norska init only contains one line (@import 'theme:style.css';). This line is very important and includes the default CSS file from your current theme (which in turn will include Tailwind).

You can add your own custom CSS to the style.css file. A recommended approach is the following:

/* Don't remove this line */
@import 'theme:style.css';

/* You can add your custom CSS below */

/* You can @import local files to better organize your CSS */
@import "_styles/fonts.css";
@import "_styles/header.css";
@import "_styles/videos.css";
@import "_styles/footer.css";

/* Or add it directly here. All Tailwind classes are available through @apply */
.prose a {
  @apply blue-5;
  &:hover {
    @apply underline-blue-5;


You can change the file to use as the entrypoint through the css.input key of the norska.config.js file. Default is style.css.