Norska is a static website generator. It takes source files (pug, markdown, css and JavaScript) and compile them into static files. The resulting directory can then be served by services like Netlify.

Norska is opinionated. It only accepts Pug and Markdown files as input, comes bundled with custom Tailwind CSS plugins, and automatically passes images through an image CDN.

Norska does exactly what I need it to do, because it grew out of my need to build websites faster. It is bundled with all my current best practices and preferred modules, but it will also evolve as I find even better way to build websites.

Quick install

Start by adding Norska as part of your dev dependencies with yarn add --dev norska. Then scaffold your project with yarn run init. Norska will create a bunch of files for you, so now would be a good time to commit.

You can then run yarn run serve to serve local version of your website. Start editing files in ./src and your browser window will automatically update.

If you need to dig deeper (changing the layout, adding data, etc), everything is documented on the official website.


Here is a list of websites built with norska

Pixelastic D&D Maps
Painting Pathfinder Society Search
D&D Monsters Baldur's Gate Artefacts
Magic Trick