For convenience, several postCSS plugins are automatically added.

Tailwind CSS

This might be the most important plugin of all. Tailwind is an incredible utility-first framework that allows very quick designing in the browser.

norska comes bundled with it, and extends it with its own custom config. You can also edit the tailwind.config.js file to add your own configuration on top of it.

Most of the time, you won't need to edit any CSS files as you'll be able to style things directly from the HTML. But in the rare cases you'll need it, you can use the @apply from Tailwind in your CSS files.

.prose h1 a {
  @apply bg-red;


postcss-import allows using @import to import import local files.

A common pattern is to create a ./src/_styles folder where you store your CSS files and reference them through the ./src/style.css like this:

@import 'theme:style.css';

@import './_styles/fonts.css';
@import './_styles/highlight.css';

Note that the theme: syntax is a custom syntax to load CSS files from themes.


postcss-nested unwraps nested rules in a fashion similar to what SCSS does.

// This...
.wrapper {
  .header {
    display: block;
// ...will be converted to:
.wrapper .header {
  display: block;

Production plugins

When running in production (through yarn run build:prod), cssnano is called as well. It will minify the output, and add the required vendor prefixes.