All posts saved by reddinx follow the same pattern. Below is what this post would look like once imported through reddinx.

  "author": {
    "id": "t2_3prumcf9",
    "name": "Persevrant"
  "date": {
    "day": 1616889600,
    "full": 1616936116,
    "month": 1614556800,
    "week": 1616889600
  "flair": ["Region"],
  "id": "t3_mf0xo2",
  "picture": {
    "filesize": 127885,
    "fullUrl": "",
    "hash": "8370fe7de1",
    "height": 640,
    "url": "",
    "width": 640
  "score": {
    "comments": 3,
    "downs": 0,
    "ratio": 1,
    "ups": 211,
    "value": 211
  "subreddit": {
    "id": "t5_3isai",
    "name": "dndmaps"
  "tags": ["OC"],
  "title": "The refuge of the lost tooth. Last inn before the wild lands.",
  "url": ""

This file will be saved in ./data/dndmaps/2021/03/t2_3prumcf9.json. All keys are alphabetically sorted to make diffing the file easier to read.

Posts without pictures, or with their picture deleted or too heavy will not be saved.


Key Subkey Description
author Author metadata
.id Author Reddit ID. Always starts with t2_
.name Author name as displayed
date Date metadata
.full Post creation date, as Unix timestamp
.day ...clamped to the start of the day
.week ...clamped to the start of the week
.month ...clamped to the start of the month
flair Array of flair added to the post
id Post reddit ID. Always starts with t3_
picture Picture metadata
.filesize Size in bytes of the picture
.fullUrl URL to the post original image
.hash Unique hash representing the file
.height Height, in pixels
.lqip Base64 encoded representation of a Low Quality Image Placeholder
.url URL to the post preview image (visible in the subreddit index)
.width Width, in pixels
score Various scoring metadata
.comments Number of comments
.ups Number of upvotes
.downs Number of upvotes
.ratio Ratio of up/down votes
.value Score value attributed by reddit
subreddit Subreddit metadata
.id Subreddit ID. Always starts with t5_
.name Subreddit name (as visible in the URL)
tags Array of tags (anything between [] in the title)
title Name of the post
url Permalink to the post