on-circle provides a set of utility for configuring and running scripts on CircleCI.

It comes with a command line interface to follow a project, set environment variables and trigger a specific job. It can also be used in a node script to provide a sandboxed environment to execute code on CircleCI.

# Follow the current project to CircleCI
yarn run oncircle follow

# Set an ENV variable
yarn run oncircle setenv API_KEY=4815162342

# Trigger a specific job
yarn run oncircle trigger dailyUpdate
// Run this from a job running on CircleCI
const onCircle = require('on-circle');
await onCircle.run(
  async (success, failure, repo }) => {
    // Run any custom code here, for example calling
    // external APIs to update some data.
    // You can even update the repo and push back
    // (check https://projects.pixelastic.com/gilmore/ for documentation)

    if (everythingIsOk) {
      return success('Everything worked');
    } else {
      return failure('Something is broken');

    // Oh, and any error will be caught and transformed
    // into a GitHub issue