on-circle is meant to be saved as part of your devDependencies.

yarn add --dev on-circle

Local commands

All the on-circle local commands work by contacting the CircleCI API, and thus requires a valid CIRCLECI_TOKEN. You can create one on your CircleCI dashboard.

Remote execution

The .run() method is meant to be executed on CircleCI machines, and integrates smoothly with git so it can push back to the repository and file issues in case of an error.

To do that, a bit more configuration is required. Specifically, we will need to configure CircleCI so it can talk with the GitHub API, as well as give it writing rights to the repository.

Fortunately, on-circle can do all this configuration automatically, provided you have all the right credentials available.

The way it works is by storing a GITHUB_TOKEN as an environment variable on your CircleCI project, so CircleCI can create issues through the GitHub API. We will also store a custom private ssh key on CircleCI, and configure GitHub to accept it.

1. Getting a GitHub token

Start by creating a new GitHub token from your GitHub dashboard, and give it the repo rights.

Be careful, those tokens can do everything the user that created them can do and there is no way to scope them to a specific repository (as far as I know; if you know better, let me know!).

2. Checking that you have ssh-keygen

on-circle will generate a new pair of ssh keys so CircleCI can push back to GitHub. It will use the ssh-keygen command internally, but will fail if you don't have it available.

3. Running the command

Once you have your token, you can run the following command to configure your CircleCI project:

GITHUB_TOKEN=xxYOUR_GITHUB_TOKENxx yarn run oncircle git

4. Updating your .circleci/config.yml file

By default, CircleCI does not load your ssh keys in every job. You need to explicitly ask for it. It usually requires you adding the add_ssh_keys step to your job configuration.

version: 2
      - checkout
      - add_ssh_keys # This is the line to add
      # […]

Now, everything is correctly configured, and you can use the run command as expected.