Run any code from inside a CircleCI job sandbox.

This methods makes running and debugging code on CircleCI more enjoyable. Specifically it:

  • Prevent execution if not running on CircleCI
  • Catch errors and create GitHub issues instead
  • Provides syntactic sugar .success() and .error() methods
  • Provides a Gilmore repo instance
// Run this from a job running on CircleCI
const onCircle = require('on-circle');
  async (success, failure, repo }) => {
    // Run any custom code here, for example calling
    // external APIs to update some data.
    // You can even update the repo and push back
    // (check for documentation)

    if (everythingIsOk) {
      return success('Everything worked');
    } else {
      return failure('Something is broken');

    // Oh, and any error will be caught and transformed
    // into a GitHub issue


Note that this method requires some additional configuration to work. Specifically, CircleCi and GitHub must be configured so they can talk to each other. Check the installation page for more information.