Norska is a fairly large project, and developing on it has a few quirks, documented below, both for my own sake and for anyone willing to help:

When testing your local version of norska, it's nice to be able to do a yarn link norska in your project. Note that because norska is a monorepo, you also need to link the specific module you want to test, otherwise it will only link the top-level norska (that won't do much more than a proxy).

So if you want to test a new CSS feature you need to yarn link norska-css in addition to yarn link norska.

Note that you always need to yarn link norska.

Slow Tests

Some of the tests of Norska are pretty slow, especially the ones that test watching for file changes (basically everything related to yarn run norska serve). Tests that do a full website build including image proxy and postCSS build are also pretty slow.

Those tests are prefixed with SLOW_ in their filename. They are automatically excluded when running yarn run test. They will be run only in the following situations:

  • When manually running yarn run test:slow
  • When releasing a new version
  • When commiting a modification to them (through lint-staged)