All norska websites have their favicon image defined by the theme they use. Most of them use an emoji embedded in a favicon.svg file.

If you want to change the favicon used, you need to create your own favicon.svg in your ./src folder and it will be used in place of the default one.

Using an emoji as a favicon

A cheap way to have a custom emoji is to embed an emoji directly in the SVG. Here is an example code you can use as a basis:

<svg width="100" height="100" xmlns="">
    text {
      fill: #000000;

      font-weight: bolder;
      font-size: 100px;
      dominant-baseline: middle;
  <text y="50%" x="50%"></text>

Different extension

If you'd rather use a .png or other extension, you need to add a favicon key to this ./src/_data/meta.json pointing to the file your want to use.

For example:

  "favicon": "assets/favicon.png"