Both the norska-theme-search and norska-theme-search-infinite allow setting a custom transforms key to add computed keys to your records before displaying them.

Displaying data through a mustache-like templating language can be frustrating; those transforms are here to allow you to update your data through JavaScript before sending them to the rendering engine.

// When initializing the theme
  transforms: {
    displayAuthors(record) {
      return record.authors.join(", ")
// Now each record will have a {{displayAuthors}} available for rendering

Each key in transforms is a method that takes the full record as input. It should return the value of the transformed key.

We strongly encourage you to not overwrite existing keys in your records and instead create new keys as the order in which those methods are executed is not guaranteed.

A special __original key is always created, containing the full record before any transform is applied. All default keys are also automatically highlighted.