Add it to your dependencies:

yarn add norska-theme-search

Set it as the default theme in your norska.config.js:

const theme = require('norska-theme-search');
module.exports = {

Create a src/_scripts/config.js file. This will contain all the Algolia configuration. It will be shared between the build process (to generate the HTML) and the browser (to bind all events together). See the Configuration page for the complete list of available options.

module.exports = {
  credentials: {
    appId: 'YOUR_APP_ID',
    indexName: 'YOUR_INDEX_NAME',

Update your src/script.js to init the theme with your configuration.

const theme = require('norska/theme');
const config = require('./_scripts/config.js');

(async () => {
  await theme.init(config);

Add a src/_data/theme.js that will serve as a proxy for the build process.

module.exports = require('../_scripts/config.js');