All .md files in ./src will be converted to matching .html files in ./dist.


Each file can start with a frontmatter block. Such a block is delimited by --- and contains key/values pairs of data that will be forwarded to the Pug rendering engine.

You can use this block to change some of the page metadata, like its title or description.

title: This is my page title
description: This is my page description

This is my page content


By default, all .md file will use the default layout. You can change the layout of a specific page by setting its layout key in the frontmatter.

layout: blog

This page will use the blog layout (provided you have one)

Check the layouts page to see how to add your own layouts.

Clean urls

Single files will be converted to a directory of the same name, with an index.html file inside. This means that ./src/ will be converted to ./dist/about/index.html.

This allows cleaner urls in the final website: /about/ instead of /about.html.