By default, all files inherit from the default layout bundled with norska.

Overriding the default layout

You can create your own custom layout by creating the ./src/_includes/layouts/default.pug file. Any layout saved in ./src/_includes/layouts will always take precedence over layouts coming from themes.

The minimum required for the layout to work is to have a block named content. This block will be replaced with the content of each page.

//- Example of a basic layout
doctype html
    block content

The norska_head() and norska_scripts() mixins are useful helpers to automatically include the requires CSS/JavaScript files and <meta> tags.

Changing the layout of a specific page

You can also create multiple layouts in ./src/_includes/layouts and reference them from the frontmatter of your page.

For example, if you have a ./src/_includes/layouts/blog.pug layout, you can use it on a specific page by adding layout: blog to its frontmatter.

Using a layout from a theme

Themes also provide an easy way to change the whole layout of a website. For that, you need to pass the theme to the norska.config.js file.

const theme = require('norska-theme-docs');
module.exports = {

This will change the default layout for all pages of the website. Check the documentation of each theme to see if they have any additional configuration.