All asset files (images, PDFs, fonts, etc) will be copied from ./src to ./dest without any transformation.


norska will not copy all files, only the ones it knows are static assets.

If you feel like it should copy a file but does not, you can update the assets.files key in your norska.config.js file which is an array of glob patterns.

By default it will copy the following files:

  assets: {
    files: [
      // Static files
      // Images
      // Fonts
      // Documents
      // Custom data
      // Exclude files in folders starting with an underscore


Asset files are not revved by default, even in production. They are only revved if a clear reference to them is made from a Pug template, most commonly through the +img() mixin.

In that case the original asset will be copied, but a revved version will also be created and used by the <img> tag only.