The yarn run norska init command should be the first command you'd run. It will scaffold your project, creating all the needed files and configuring any service it might use.

You should never need to run this command more than once.

The ./src folder

It create a ./src folder with all the files needed to generate your website. We call this directory the source folder.

You can see that it contains a default index.pug file as well as a page. All .pug and .md files will be converted to HTML.

The script.js file is the default JavaScript file included on all pages, and it will activate the lazyloading of any image in the page by default.

The style.css file loads the default CSS rules of the page (mostly loading Tailwind), but you can add you own rules inside as well.

The _data/meta.json file contains default information about your website (like title, description, author, etc). Those values will be used to populate the <head> default meta information.

A default favicon.ico is added because most browsers still look for one, not matter what you define in your <head>

Custom scripts

A set of new scripts have been added to your package.json. They all target files created in ./scripts mirrorring their name.

This means that yarn run serve will call ./scripts/serve and yarn run build will run ./scripts/build for example.