The norska serve command will build the website and serve it locally. It will automatically reload whenever a source file is changed.

The command is aliased to yarn run serve for convenience.


Whenever you're working on your website, start yarn run serve in a terminal window. This will open a live preview of the website on Then start working on any file in ./src, and whenever you'll save, your browser window will reload with the new version.

The command is smart enough to recognize any change to .pug, .md, .css, .js or .json file and reload the website accordingly.


Changing the default port

By default, the website will be served on port 8083. If the port is already taken, it will find a random another free port.

You can force using a specific port by either using the --port= command line flag, or setting it in the norska.config.js file. If the port is already taken, the command will fail.

Preventing the browser from opening

When the local website is started, your browser will automatically open to load it.

You can disable this behavior by either passing --no-open to the command line or setting open: false in norska.config.js